We offer Tecan programming, Tecan user training, and automation strategy services catered to scientists and directors in need of improved data, efficiency, and cost savings. Let's work together to overcome your challenges, meet your milestones, and get the most from your lab equipment. Please explore the services we offer below, or visit the training page if you need standard or specialized User Training, remote or onsite. Contact Lab Automatic today for a free consultation. We cover North America and Europe.


Hands-on Protocol Development, Optimization, and Testing

Some vendors will build a script for you, test with water, and then leave. We stay committed to the milestones of the lab and the satisfaction of your lab's leaders, handling the samples and reagents on-site as we test and iterate improvements. You receive thorough reporting of results and improvements until everyone agrees the data is perfect. Additional documentation and verification can be provided as well. 

User Training for FluentControl and Freedom Evoware

The training is tailored to your needs, on site using your equipment, and is a private confidential environment. Remote training is available too, but your users will get the best results learning and practicing skills alongside a trusted expert user of the software. The training follows standard curriculum and will be modified according to the skill level of your staff, and your specific workflows. Training is performed by an ex-Tecan applications engineer who has spent years developing and teaching best practices and the latest approaches that won't be found anywhere else. Outcomes may include scripts that your users create with the guidance of the trainer, which can be rapidly deployed upon completion of training. Visit our Training Page for more information.

On-Call Remote Support and Tecan Scripting Help

Need help when your instrument is down? Is your automation engineer out of the office? Do you have a quick software question but don't want to wait days for a vendor to respond? I draw on five years of field work as a field engineer and applications scientist to provide professional and fast support. Many of my clients consider me their personal helpdesk lifeline for hardware and software! 0-60 minute response times are typical.

Automation Project Management and Project Planning

From budget planning to project scope, requirements discovery to RFP generation, and cost and benefit analysis, we'll ensure the success of your automation projects with our project management services. Take advantage of expert insights, recommendations, or hands-on management for company-wide initiatives that include: integrated workcells, liquid handlers, or other individual custom-configured devices. We review your highest-priority SOPs and uncover hidden threats and opportunities to various approaches, so you can be confident you're making the right decisions, quickly.

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