Critical Redundancy

Your growing lab faces a multitude of challenges from a scarcity of skilled personnel and funding to the constant threat of manual errors and unreliable data integrity. These common hurdles pose a risk to meeting your deadlines and milestones. Worse yet are unknown unknowns, those unforeseen events and consequences that ultimately may result in your lab work grinding to a halt.

The last thing you want is for equipment failure to derail your progress. With the loss of valuable samples, the distrust of collected data, disruptions to research timelines, and potential damage to credibility, downtime and data loss can be expensive and destructive to careers.

This is where Critical Redundancy comes in. It is a top priority in high-performing labs because it serves as a safeguard against unexpected challenges. By implementing backup systems, instruments, or processes, we can ensure uninterrupted operations while maintaining data integrity, even in the face of equipment failures.

At Lab Automatic Consulting Services, we not only provide Tecan method development and user training services for your lab, but offer help and support to make better decisions to improve your overall laboratory operations. Here's how Critical Redundancy aligns with the services we provide:

Together, we will identify the most sensitive and irreplaceable elements of your operations. We will determine which steps or pieces of equipment are indispensable to your success. Then, we'll confirm the appropriate configurations of equipment and optimize your workflows, so they’ll be effectively duplicated without also duplicating unwanted inefficiencies or errors.

We'll explore a range of redundancy solutions, examining the availability of backup instruments or equipment poised to seamlessly assume responsibility in case of a failure. This could include checking out the used market, leasing options, or discount pricing from manufacturers. Plus, we'll consider redundancy of storage of samples, as well as data storage and backup strategies.

Next, we'll delve into data management strategies, examining the frequency of research data backups, and exploring new software solutions. Additionally, we'll explore the robustness of your data recovery plan in mitigating data loss. I'll develop custom data management solutions to help meet your specific requirements and integrate multiple software tools.

Collaboratively, we'll craft a process optimization plan and/or redundancy plan tailored to your lab's specific needs, budget constraints, and risk tolerance. This plan serves as a definitive roadmap toward uninterrupted research excellence.

By incorporating Critical Redundancy into your laboratory automation strategy, we can ensure you’re meeting your deadlines, safeguarding your samples, protecting your data integrity, and reducing downtime and related frustrations. Let's work together to give unmatched support and help you overcome any unforeseen challenges.

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