Core Competency

Hi, I'm Joe Thomas Sullivan, Principle Consultant at Lab Automatic. 

My clients are scientists and automation leaders who chose to use my skills to overcome multiple challenges in the lab, especially related to Tecan Liquid Handlers (Fluent and Freedom Evo). My core value proposition and what my clients value the most are:

Hands-on Protocol Optimization and Testing

Some vendors will build a script for you, test with water, and then leave. I stay committed to the satisfaction of the leaders of the lab, handling the samples and reagents on-site as I test and iterate improvements. I provide thorough reporting of results and improvements until everyone agrees the data is perfect.

Enhanced LIMS Integration and Data Management Tools using Custom VBS, XML, Excel Macros

The limited tools in the native liquid handling software struggle to perform custom functions: complex worklisting, LIMS data handling, Quant/Norm workflows, FTP server forwarding, and Audit trail reporting. To solve each lab's unique challenges I create, test, and deploy scripts, applets, and code blocks that enhance your users' experience and IT-department's satisfaction.

On-Call Remote Support and Tecan Scripting Help

Need help when your instrument is down? Is your automation engineer out of the office? Do you have a quick software question but don't want to wait days for a vendor to respond? I draw on five years of Tecan customer support as a field engineer and applications scientist to provide professional and fast support. Many of my clients consider me their personal helpdesk lifeline for hardware and software! 0-60 minute response times are typical.

User Training for FluentControl and Freedom Evoware

I am known for my teaching skills and expertise, and give excellent in-person and remote training for new-to-advanced users of Tecan products. I shine brightest when my students have 0-2 years of experience and want to make themselves more valuable to their laboratory and need to get the most out of their liquid handling robots. Some of my proudest accomplishments and greatest joys in my work stem from helping other people achieve excellence in their automation role.

These are exciting times. There are endless opportunities for all of us to excel in Lab Automation and I'm satisfied to play my humble part as a reliable supporter for those who seek to achieve success in the lab.

Contact Us today to discuss your challenges and future vision, and I'll share how we've helped labs overcome similar challenges and achieve their goals.