We offer a range of services designed to make your Tecan lab automation reliable, accessible, and more valuable. Take a look at what we have to offer:

Expert Method Development for Tecan Freedom Evo and Fluent
Unlock the full potential of your investment with our expertise in liquid handling programming and scripting. We'll develop customized methods for your Tecan instruments relying on over a decade of hands-on experience to streamline your workflows and ensure precise and reliable results. We stick with your project until you're satisfied with the final results and are confident in the data.

User Training for Tecan Freedom Evo and Fluent
Increase independence and reduce reliance on external resources with our training programs. With tacit knowledge gained from years working within the Tecan liquid handling community we'll empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently operate, maintain, and level up your Tecan instruments, enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Contact us to sign up for our standard 3-day Beginner-Intermediate Tecan EvoWare or Tecan FluentControl training course. We also provide on-site and remote training curriculum that is tailored to your needs.

Hands-On Protocol Optimization - Using YOUR samples
Annoyed that some vendors will build a script for you, test with water, and then leave? Our committed team will work directly with you, handling your samples and reagents on-site. We'll perform expert Tecan programming, optimize protocols, manage outputs, and provide thorough reporting until your senior leadership is satisfied with the results of the automation solution.

Enhanced LIMS Integrations and Data Management using Custom VBS Scripting, XML, Excel Macros
Tired of using native EvoWare or FluentControl software tools to perform complex worklisting, LIMS data handling, Quant/Norm workflows, FTP server forwarding, or Audit trail reporting? We leverage years of experience of overcoming these challenges for multiple labs across the US to create game-changing simple scripts, applets, and code blocks that enhance your users' experience and IT-department's satisfaction. Utilize our expert Tecan scripting and programming consultants to make these problems simply go away.

On-Call Remote Support and Tecan Scripting Help
Need help when your instrument is down? Is your automation engineer out of the office? Do you have a quick software question but don't want to wait days for a vendor to respond? We are available for helpdesk support for all hardware and software needs for the Tecan Freedom Evo and EvoWare, and Tecan Fluent and FluentControl. 0-60 minute response times are typical. 

Professional SOP Development for Manual and Automated Protocols
Ensure consistency and accuracy in your lab processes with our SOP development services. We create clear, concise, and comprehensive standard operating procedures for both manual and automated protocols.

Regulatory Compliance Documentation
Stay compliant with regulatory standards with our comprehensive documentation services. We prepare verification reports, validation reports, IQ/OQ documentation, and technical manuals to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the highest quality in your lab operations.

Automating and Improving Genomics, Cell-Based Workflows, and SPE Applications
Shorten the time to productivity with notoriously difficult applications with our specialized expertise. We'll automate and improve your workflows, enabling faster, more accurate results and accelerating your research or production timelines. Our core competency is liquid class development, which is critical for protecting your precious and unique samples.

For-Hire Automation Project Management
Need help managing your automation projects? Do you wish you had a project manager to manage all the details and move it forward? Our experienced team offers project management services for company-wide initiatives, integrated workcells, or individual custom-configured devices. From budget planning to project scope, requirements discovery to RFP generation, and cost and benefit analysis, we'll ensure the success of your automation projects.

At Lab Automatic, we're passionate about helping scientists like you harness the power of automation. Let us transform the way you work and make your lab more efficient and productive. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Contact Us today to discuss your needs and our services.

Our client in Massachusetts achieved 12x speed efficiency for the bottleneck procedures of their WGS workflow